Going mesh? dont know who to go with dont know what bodies are out there? lets see if we can narrow it down even a little for you…shall we…

Guys shall we start with you

Adam: Male body 2,950L: head also available extra Mainstore

Belleza Jake Mainstore

Aesthetic – male body 2799L Marketplace

EPOS – Achilles  Male body 2500L: Mainstore

Nardcotix – David  Male body 1,750L: MainStore

Signature Male 3,000L: Mainstore

SLink Physique –  Male 1,250L: Mainstore

The Mesh Project – Deluxe Male TMP Male 5,000L: Mainstore


please make sure that you try the demo first  so you know what comes with the pack all most mesh bodies will work with any shape HOWEVER if your not happy with the skins that come with the body you need APPLIERS skin made for the body *please keep in mind stores move and evolve some link may have expired*



Ladies…Ladies ohh the goodies we have

Tonic Female 2,000L: Mainstore

The Mesh Project – Deluxe  Female 5,000L: Mainstore

SLink Physique –  (bento) SLink Female 1,250L: Mainstore

Sking Female 1800L-2000L: Mainstore

Signature Female 3,000L: Mainstore

MBA Sim Female 2,995L: Mainstore

Maitreya – Lara  (bento) Female 2,750L: Mainstore About me

Lena –  Female 899L: Mainstore

G.Inc – Perfect Body G.Inc Female 1,399L: Mainstore

Eve – Slim & Pulpy  Female 1690L: Mainstore

eBody ABAR Female 2500L: Mainstore

Belleza (bento)- Freya, Isis & Venus bodies FULL Belleza Female 2,499L: Mainstore


PLEASE always test the DEMO first before purchase!! skins come with all the body however more are available inworld and on marketplace as APPLIERS


Disclaimer! Prices may differ depend on what you want to add from stores

none of these bodies are my creations any issues with the bodies should be sent to the support team for the body (try the group)


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