Sponsors SWANK Event


This is The IP Nails Tropical Set for SWANK Event

Opens on July 7th till July 31st

Available as an Exclusive Fatpack Price of 120L$ For Slink/Dynamic, Omega, Maitreya/Bento Hands & Vista Bento.


The Tropical palm trees  literally at the tips of your fingers Ilse Pinklady has really made some breath taking nails and these are no exception the blend of colors is Mind blowing!

Imagine a beautiful tropical island. Its beaches are covered with soft golden sands. The island itself is like a fairy-tale garden ? an ocean of flowers and exotic trees.

Huddling into the exuberant verdure the beautiful waterfalls inland are like a sight of the paradise, watching them for hours will not be enough to satiate your desire to feast your eyes on that beauty of incredible merging of colours.

That waterfall looks like the ones in the fairy tales – the water has broken into a mist of tiny droplets and falls down like a soft silk. Add to this the playful sun?s rays and you get an unbelievable tint of piece and beauty.
The sight is so marvellous and relaxing that even the worst thoughts and the most gloomy mood disappear in no time.

Are you able, to imagine the tender ripple of the leaping water that streams down the steep slope and flowing into the small pond releasing an incredibly beautiful blue radiance?

Well Now i need my own Tropical Island!



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Poses By Tuty – 10 Lovely hands – Bento Still Poses



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