Creat your House from Pride!


RJD, Garrett Interiors, Consignment And WET DREAMS

Sponsor’s the Second Pride event

Second pride Event Opens on June 23rd till July 2nd


I couldnt not use everything from the Second Pride event and set us a house everything here is available at the event.

RJD has bought the event this open plan Pride House you can buy this at the event for 999L  its so light and airy and very modern feel to it leaving you lots of space to move around this comes with an animated PG Kitchen which is 29PRIMS and a bathroom/shower 27PRIMS with PG poses The Sophie from RJD is there Pride FREE gift with Singles poses and coupes!

Consignment: Boneyard Naval Fireplace I love this i had to have it front and center and at the size i had the fire it was only 28PRIMS available for 200L

Feature Pres Signage *black* 225L and only 1Prim

Medical Skeleton is 200L and rezzes for 3PRIMS *phew*



Vinyl Wall Display *so totally my families thing* is only 2PRIMS and!! its only 50L

Boneyard Flag – Pride- Hanging up for just  4PRIMS for just 88L


Boneyard Flags UK-USA-Spanish-France 4PRIMS each and only 88L each flag


Oversized Corner Chaise comes in a PG 425L and Adult 685L this chaise is only 2PRIMS the PG has 21 Single poses and 13 cuddles poses


The Leo Bed by WetDreams comes in MM MF and PG the design is flawless and for just 2,500LSnapshot_035

Garrett Interiors 1PRIM Rugs seen here is the Leather Rugs and Pride both have a touch menu for textures

Consignment Comfy Chair comes in black or brown leather this recliner comes in Adult for 675L or PG for 445L and i have to say im loving the poses!


“Imagine learning at such a young age that your very appearance—your very identity—is enough to trigger such confusion and animosity. Imagine knowing that people will hate you for no reason other than you are who you are”



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