Sources Pride!


Sponsor the Second Pride event

Second pride Event Opens on June 23rd till July 2nd


Sources have brought us this Beautiful bedroom set for the Pride event and let me tell you This event just gets more and more amazing i feel like a kid at a fair ground that has to go on every single ride! *Oh i sound so naughty but its totally true*

Ill start with the Flower Lamp that comes in two textures Brown and Rainbow colors *seens in pics* This lamp is only going to take up 4PRIMS and its really sweet with a cord that rests against the wall as a plug! Ive said it so much but I’m a sucker for detail! best thing is for the Pride event this lamp is completely FREE!!!! so do use the Landmark and go snatch up this beauty.


Ohhh this bed leaves me lost for words so let me tell you the engine of this beautiful piece it has Single 23 poses – 25 cuddles poses with sex – solo 4 poses – foreplay 8 poses – Bang 20 poses Best thing by far is its only 12PRIMS  Most if not all moses are mostly Unisex i would advice setting them to your avatars using the adjust menu before getting into the swing of it

The Adult version is 790L but dont worry they is a PG too for only 490L

Now I keep saying it “I’m a sucker for detail!” so this bed canopy doesnt escape me  its only 8PRIMS and really finishes the look for this bed and for only 350L 




“Consider that people will talk about the fact that I now “pass” as a woman, but nobody ever asks about how difficult it must have been for me to “pass” as a man before.” 

Here is Event Landmark

Have fun taking in all the shops and remember Love how you want to be Loved


Pride F A C E B O O K   F L I C K E R



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