Sponsor the Second Pride event

Second pride Event Opens on June 23rd till July 2nd

“When did you know you were a girl? When did I know I was a boy?” he said. “I knew my whole life. I can’t tell you exactly when, but it wasn’t like I was ten and realised, ‘Oh gee, I must be a boy!’ What people fail to realise is they made that decision way earlier than that. It just happened that their gender identity and their anatomy  matched. But that didn’t mean mine did.” 

For the Aesthetic Male Body the Pride Pink *above* is the event Gift from BoyBerry so strut your stuff for the Pride event…for some of us its the only time we can get away with the nakedness! *trust me id get my ass handed to me another other time* Love you momma *kisses faces*  or if you want to go all out the “Queen of everything” outfit is 399L and comes with flip flops or boots crop top and “huggable” boxer shorts perfect for hitting one of the events parties!! 




Here is Event Landmark

Have fun taking in all the shops and remember Love how you want to be Loved


Pride F A C E B O O K   F L I C K E R


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