Family RP Community.

Sponsor the Second Pride event

Second pride Event Opens on June 23rd till July 2nd

Cocoa Bay is not a store, but it’s a 12-sim wide Family RP Community. It’s a photo opportunity for anyone that would like to do any sim photos. I’d also be more than happy to send you a group tag to allow you to rez for your photos.

About Cocoa Bay:
Cocoa Bay was nominated in the top 5 for the Love to Decorate Awards Best Sim Design and Best Residential Community. We are also a proud [Life2] Community Partner.

We have many amenities are available free of charge to all residents… just to name a few…
DMV – Free license, license plate, and gun license
Children’s Center
Fire, EMS, Police, Medical
Cocoa Cash RP Money System
Pre-School and Elementary School
Working Mail System
Bowling Alley
and much more!

We’ve also added an expansion beyond our community as a vacation camping sim. Rezzing on this sim is available to anyone and the objects auto-return:


Second Pride 2017 - Poster

“One of the pleasant things about small town life is that everyone, whether rich or poor, liked or disliked, has some kind of a role and place in the community. I never felt that living in a city — as I once did for a couple of years.”


Here is Event Landmark

Have fun taking in all the shops and remember Love how you want to be Loved


Pride F A C E B O O K   F L I C K E R


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