Artist Shed 

Sponsor the Second Pride event


“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?”
– Ernest Gaines

Snapshot_052Second pride Event Opens on June 23rd till July 2nd

I’m a complete sucker for detail and the Artist Shed have me hook line and sinker!

The Daarla Sideboard is rustic and bald and its only 3 PRIMS best part yet its only 100L  *I am inlove with these HANDLES* like i need this in my life period!

Snapshot_055Old Vases With Pebbles i mean just how sweet are these The detail on the Vases  *claps her hands excitedly* they look Old they look like they have a History and the best thing is at the size shown its only 2 PRIMS and for 25L its a great little decoration.

Ols Vases with Twigs… Did i mention what a sucker i am for detail? these dont escape the amazing work Artist Shed have done with each of there products the twigs are so real! and the fun thing that as big as i made it it was only 9 PRIMS and for 25L no Less! 


Old Wooden Box has a branch on top complete with a small hook lock with “My lovers Charms” engraved this Box was amazingly 1PRIM! I Actually didn’t expect that with the detail this little token has and  for 25L no less it the cute little add-on to any rustic household


RainDrop Chair Have you seen the gains! omg you can see every crinkle in the old style wooden chair i just LOVE IT the rich Blue fabric and Rain drop pattern cushion  with tassles comes with two sitting poses! it rezzes out at just 3PRIMS costing only 75L.

Woven Rug (round) this Rich rug looks so cosy and thick even my puppy LOVED it *not that i had a choice* its wrinkled effect makes the room look “lived in” and rezzes for just 3PRIMS costing just 50L.


Reclaimed Strap Chair this chair has me amazed sometimes *like now* the quality in some some products can be seen every texture is just perfect even the leather strap texture is used and realistic taking up just 5PRIMS and costing 75L this chair has two single poses to boot .



Complete the set with the Sweet Transvestite Canvas picture completely Free and only 1PRIM!

Here is Event Landmark

Have fun taking in all the shops and remember Love how you want to be Loved


Pride F A C E B O O K   F L I C K E R


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