Gender Pride

This is The IP Nails GenderUnisex Set for Second pride Event Opens on June 23rd till July 2nd

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Available as an Exclusive Gender pack price of 98L For Slink/Dynamic female and male, Omega female and male, Maitreya/Bento Hands, Vista Bento female and male, and Signature applier for male


You can find this set in the Powerdesign store

Here is Event Landmark 


Pride F A C E B O O K   F L I C K E R


“The only opinion I have is that I could never look someone in the eye and tell them that they didn’t love someone that they know they love. It’s not my job to judge and it’s not a job I’d want. I love people a lot. All kinds. If we were meant to be the same then we wouldn’t be human.”



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