InspirationSLInspiration poster - 18th June 17.png

Betty Boop Inspired Summer Event With lots of labels taking this event by storm!Snapshot_008.png

Here I Picked up these TO DIE FOR  PetitChat A Summer of Betty for just 140L this is a really cute Anchor Earring and necklace set! available in four color choices with a hud to change the small details because lets face it the small details really matter!

Zoom Rosette outfit is a crochet pattern bra and carpi’s  coming with  a Hud of 5 colors for just 299L Fitting: Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass/ Physique, Freya, Isis, Venus,

Throwing my beach outfit together for just 349L from this Summtastic Event!

Poses by PM Betty for just 170L for flatpack poses also on sale at the Event

Petit Chat slurl : 
Petit chat blog : 
Petit Chat Flikr group :
Petit Chat Facebook : 


Have a Hot week Love Kat


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