IPNails Group Gift

Autism Awareness Nails!!

IP Nails creator IIse Pinklady has really touched me that shes gone out of her way to Create these Nails for us, Autism Effects so many children and adult and is something that’s close to my heart ☆


Autism is not a disability, Its a different ability!

These Nails can be picked up inworld  at:


As a lovely group gift Id just like to thank IIse Pinklady Nails personally for doing something so lovely for something that’s not hugely understood by many.



What is Autism

☆Autism IsnT Rainman

☆Autism IsnT Devoid of emotion

☆Autism isnT Dangerous

☆Autism isnT Curable

☆Autism isnT Naughty

☆Autism isnT Wrong

☆Autism isnT the end of the world!

☆ Autism IS Neurological Diversity

☆Autism IS on a spectrum

☆Autism IS often Challenging

☆Autism IS part of a whole (they are not broken)

☆Autism Doesn’t just effect Males!

☆Autism EFFECTS Adults TOO!

☆Autism is FULL of Surprises



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