How to set up Second life

Firstly if you wondering what Secondlife is let me “try” explain…

Second life is a Virtual platform where people all around the world can connect everyone uses the platform for many reasons some do it it connect with people in real life some do it to escape the stress of real life others do it purely Roleplay based (eg. Game of thrones or other fantasy based rp) where we can Dance to an awsome live DJ or listen to someones amazing REAL voice tame someones animal side or find that one how is dominate enough to challenge you if i even tried to list the things you can do in “sl”  id never talk about anything else if you can think of it i can grantee its been done!


that been said please not they is settings for sl users they are there to keep you safe and to make sure you dont break even the simplest of rules the biggest in Secondlife been (drum roll) AGE PLAY if you are a secondlife child then please play that child and stay safe in safe areas of secondlife PG is well PG for that very reason…


Ok now to the how to:

firstly you need to sign up!

follow the steps and download the sl viewer

some people use other platforms to play sl some find it easier to use… which can be found here:

(this is also the viewer i use)

ones you all downloaded with you chosen viewer you can sign in and read through the terms and conditions accepting them  you will land at the landing point where Secondlife with go through the simple “how to” like move run fly open your inventory that sort of stuff… you will also look like the avatar you picked upon signing up


heres a few little tips that sometimes make things a little easier


Lindens!! everything is bought through lindens these can get earn or bought in many ways (Never arrange to buy lindens from anyone inworld)

Signing into your secondlife dashboard or using the link above to BUY lindens this gives you the virtual money to customise your avatars appearance to how you want him or her to look





if you havent seen someone by this point thats happy to help you with explaining how to change your clothes and body try the shelter

(copy the link below and paste it into your tab at the top of your screen INWORLD…like so )

im sure someone here would be happy to walk you through any questions you have

IF for what ever reason you cannot or dont want to add Lindens to your account thats totally fine they is stores all around the grid with free (classic clothes) for a none mesh avatar (whats mesh you say… hold that thought ill get to that later) (paste inworld)

for more try a search (this icon) which will open this in your screen to get to other places you “Teleport”

if your not happy with a shape as long as its modify you can edit it by right clicking yourself and appearance tap and edit shape… just play with the sliders till your happy with your look  you can also use the search button to look for other skins and shapes some stores have free gifts or if you got the lindens some really cute shapes.


Girls for hair (something i wish id known) many hair places in sl have free gifts

Truth Hair is just one of them


and since we are talking FREE STUFF try the secondlife market (yes you hear me right MARKET)


anything bought from here uses your lindens and send them directly to your inventory.

Now if you havent already noticed many things come as a box which is fine! trust me on this! most people rez (drag the item from your inventory and drop it on the ground and creates a new object on your screen) BUT before you try it you need to go to open land like a public sandbox (paste inworld)

in some cases you may have to join a group that will pop up in your notifications icon (top right)

another tip: to wear you anything from your inventory right click it and ADD DONT WEAR

basically if you add something to your outfit adding it well simply adds it if you WEAR you risk something detaching from your overall avatar be it a foot or a hand haor or your top in a public place 😮 we dont want that right! so Add dont wear



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